November 12, 2019

IE8 Bonus: Sneakerheads

Kevin Lafferty, Kyree McLeod



You said something in there, though. You talked about taking off your Party Chief shoes. Mm hmm. And I just I want to... Shoes or something special to you. Me and Kyree both. Yes. Tell us about your shoes. Well, first of all, Kevin, what color your shoes right now? Well, right now, I won't take them off, but I got on all pink Hyper Dunk Susan G. Komen basketball shoes. I generally wear them every October. My stepmother is a cancer survivor, breast cancer survivor. And, you know, all the ladies out there, you know, that have survived it I just like to give me a little props and I get to wear, you know, really cool shoes. So I'm happy about it. But you I mean, me and Kyree are both sneakerheads. And a lot of times people don't understand the origin and the reason why we're a sneakerhead. And when you live in an impoverished area and you live not
When you bust your butt and you get to a place where you can afford your own sneakers, then it's a social status thing. It's a, 'Alright man, you know, we're not we're not driving Range Rover, but we got our kicks.' And we're always gonna look fly. And that's that's our social status.
That's basically what it is.
You're a man. I became a sneaker head. I started liking.. ninth grade in high school. You know, I started saving allowance money, you know, just... 'Cause when I was younger, for people who don't know, I wear a size 14 shoe. So not a small foot. Not a small foot. So in ninth grade you know, when I was younger, I couldn't... I don't wanna say my mother couldn't afford it.
I knew my shoe size, but the way shoes was made
like my foot... I just couldn't because there would be no point in me getting a $200 pair of Jordans. You know, in the next six months or five, I can't fit 'em no more. It would just be a waste of money. So my mother would never... I wouldn't say she would never buy 'em. If she didn't get them don't get me wrong. But I would just never ask because it'd be a... I wouldn't want to waste her money and I wouldn't wanna just have them for four months. So when I finally my foot stopped growing andI started working, I was just like I'm gonna make it a priority to get all the shoes that I wanted when I was younger. It's your weakness. Yeah pretty much. Don't take us to a shoe store or payday. Right. Oh, that's good. That's. Well, I'm glad I asked that.

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