About Us

A Legacy Built on Trust

At the heart of our success is the high value placed on teamwork and collaboration. They are important to RK&K's partners and senior leadership and are reflected in the operation of the firm, our projects and our culture.

This is RK&K

I truly enjoy coming to work every day. The work is challenging and rewarding, and the people here are like my second family.


Low key, low ego.

It’s how we operate. It defines the people we hire. With that mindset, a spirit of teamwork and collaboration is easy to foster and is the catalyst for our success.

We sweat the small stuff.

Our team of technical experts are skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated to their profession and their clients. We handle projects large and small and are trusted with the big challenges. We are agile and flexible, yet disciplined and practical. We bring original insights and are crazy about the details. Creativity and innovation are in our tool box. We see the unseen, solve problems and discover solutions.

You’ve heard it before—“Our people are our greatest asset.” Some might think that’s a cliché. That’s okay. It’s done fine for us for a century, and it’s our compass for the future. Join our team. Engage us for your next project. Let’s create wonderful things together.


8 Years

“I love how passionate my colleagues are about their work.”


5 years

“I love that I have the opportunity to gain experience in multiple fields, whether it's mechanical design, wastewater design, or bridge inspection.”


5 Years

“I love that I have all the resources I need under one roof. Whatever I need, I just have to walk around the corner.”


22 Years

“As a natural resources professional, I am challenged daily with problems that require creative thinking and innovation to accomplish project goals and meet client schedules.”


12 Years

“Every day brings various and unique challenges that I get to tackle with an exceptional team of people.”


4 Years

“I love my job because of the collaboration and family-like culture RK&K has cultivated.”

“If people like you, they listen to you. But, if they
trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

Our people have inspired confidence and earned our clients’ trust. RK&K’s success is relationship-driven. For clients, our team becomes your team.

Leading by example.

Our partners and their teams do what it takes to achieve
a successful project and satisfied client.

Mimi Kronisch, PE, CCM, Assoc. DBIA
Melinda Peters, PE, CCM, DBIA
Keith Skinner, PE
Nathan Atkinson, PE
Pete Patrone, CPA

Humble Beginnings.

The year 1923 was an active one for beginnings. The original Yankee Stadium opened. The first issue of Time magazine came off the press. Disney Studios began filming. The Hollywood sign was erected, and Charles Lindbergh took his first plane flight. That same busy year an engineer in two rooms in a Baltimore townhouse launched a new civil engineering firm. What was started as a small firm by Richard Sandlass, then joined by George Wieman, enjoyed steady growth over the decades and evolved to become Rummel, Klepper, and Kahl in 1951.

Now known as RK&K, the firm approaches its centennial year, and its success is rooted in the culture and values enacted by those early leaders. RK&K has always been a firm dedicated to the concept of collaborative teamwork, professional excellence and unsurpassed quality and service for the client. The RK&K Way has proven a successful strategy for nearly a century.

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