January 20, 2020

Professional Profile: Patrick Hager, Director, Utilities

By RK&K Team Members

Recently, Patrick Hager was promoted to Director, Utilities, in our Baltimore office. In this article, he shares his professional background and areas of expertise, and responds to a few questions that provide a deeper understanding of his career and approach to his profession.

Patrick Hager

Patrick Hager – Director, Utilities – Baltimore, MD

What are your new duties?

My goals will be to continue to grow and expand our Utilities Department and collaborate to develop a Baltimore-based gas design group to support our Energy/Corrosion Department. In addition, over the past couple of years we have added experienced right-of-way/real estate professionals to our team, and we are focused on working to establish RK&K’s services to support clients in those areas.

How did you get into this field?

Growing up I was asked the same question kids are often asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When I was young, I had a wide variety of responses. But as I got a little older and was asked the question again, as it became apparent that my dreams of being a professional athlete just weren’t going to be a reality I really didn’t know how to answer. I was asked what I was good at, and I answered, “math and science.” At that point I was told I should be an engineer and it just sort of stuck. I went to Baltimore Polytechnic Institute high school, home of the “Engineers,” and never looked back.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy working and collaborating with people. It’s always interesting to see what ideas other people have to resolve issues. I also enjoy working with people to help them grow and advance their careers and receive recognition for their efforts.

What are the traits that make RK&K a special place to work?

RK&K provides an environment for people to be successful and enjoy the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. There is also an emphasis on the importance an employee’s family life. The right work/life balance is critical.

If you could tell someone new to the field one thing what would it be?

Always take advantage to learn as much as you can from all the talented, experienced professionals that you encounter throughout your career. The experiences of others can really help you gain new insight and perspective.

If you could tell someone new to RK&K one thing about the business that you wish you knew or you otherwise feel is important, what would it be?

Be flexible in your career and gain as much experience as you can regarding other disciplines. It will help you throughout your career to see the big picture and appreciate all the elements that go into delivering a successful project.

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