September 15, 2019

IE0: Intro to Inside Engineering

Tim Corbin



Well hello and welcome to Inside Engineering. My name's Tim Corbin. I don't typically sit in the studio all by myself but I wanted to sneak in here before our great lineup of guests start showing up each week and give you the lowdown on our upcoming show that we're all really excited about. Inside Engineering is a weekly podcast focusing on the people behind the infrastructure work that is all around us. Here at RK&K, we have an amazing group of engineers, construction managers, inspectors, scientists, planners, marketers, designers, and more who all come together to put together, simply put, really cool stuff. So, starting in early October 2019, head to our website at, where you can stream every episode on demand, as well as subscribe to the audio or video version on your favorite podcast platform. Give us your thoughts on the show using the 'Feedback' button. Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you soon. Well, I guess I better get out of here before they turn the lights off for me. We hope you'll join us each Tuesday as we delve into the untold stories and fascinating people from the world of civil engineering.

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