The Project

RK&K is providing design phase services for the replacement of the existing Willard Avenue Pump Station located in Hampton, Virginia. The existing station was constructed in the 1940’s and has reached the end of its useful life. The proposed station will be located one block to the east of the existing station and will require gravity sewer improvements to divert flows from the existing station to the new station and correct identified deficiencies. RK&K provided preliminary engineering and design phase services. The project it scheduled to advertise for bid in late 2021 with RK&K providing construction administration and inspection services.

This project includes a replacement pump station based on the recommendations of the Hampton Study Business Case Evaluation developed in August 2011. The new station will feature a detailed residential architectural theme incorporating elements of the surrounding community, dry and wet weather pumps, flood protection, standby generator, odor control system as well as other station appurtenances.

Significant coordination with the locality, the City of Hampton, was completed as part of the project. The City required site plan approval as well as provided input on the architectural design. RK&K successfully navigated HRSD’s meticulous architectural review process where input is gained through a series of architectural review workshops.

RK&K utilized the Envision Checklist to monitor sustainability measures. While HRSD does not typically submit the project for verification, they prefer to incorporate sustainability measures into projects where practical. Utilizing the Envision Checklist offers a tool to track and measure the level of sustainability. The process included developing the checklist, conducting a workshop and maintaining the checklist throughout the project design. Significant sustainability features incorporated into the project include different sized pumps to efficiently convey the wide range of influent flows, detailed architectural design and flood protection.

Hampton Roads Sanitation District

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