The Envision Framework is quickly becoming globally recognized as a highly credible approach to sustainable, resilient, and equitable infrastructure.

The Blueprint for Sustainable Infrastructure

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) released the Envision rating system to provide third-party verification for infrastructure projects. These include transportation, utilities, streetscapes, treatment facilities, and many of the other projects we do at RK&K. Envision has five categories, including: Quality of Life; Leadership; Resource Allocation; Natural World; and Climate and Resilience.

Credits and Points: There are 64 credits that total 1,000 points. Achieving 20% of the applicable points will be Bronze, 30% Silver, 40% Golf and 50% of the applicable points becomes Platinum certified.

Is Verification Required: No. This system enables and encourages users to use the checklist without registration and verification.

Registration Fee: If third-party verification is desired, the project has a $2,000 registration fee.

Verification Fee: $9,000-$50,000+ (pending size and complexity of project; does not include design and documentation costs)

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