May 2, 2022

RK&K Puts Safety First During Construction Safety Week

During Construction Safety Week, RK&K remains committed to building a culture of safety by keeping our staff connected, safe, and supported, always.

Construction Safety Week brings together firms and organizations to strengthen the industry’s safety culture and performance by sharing best practices, tools, and resources. As part of the week’s recognition, RK&K is focused on the impact our safe choices have on our team members, their families, and the communities in which we live and work and are united in our commitment to continuously improve our safety culture and send each employee home safe every day.

The themes for the week are, “Connected, “Supported,” and “Safe.” Our team members in the field shared why this week’s mission is so important.

Lucy TraversChristine GoinsShane HayesKathy Poole

Lucy Travers, EIT, CMIT

Field Engineer I, Richmond

“To be safe, you must be proactive and consider the implications of something before you do it. For example, our field staff is constantly watching out for one another. Whether it is backing up a truck, acting as a spotter, or giving someone a heads up of incoming equipment, all of our field personnel are alert and ready to act. We empower our team with the “Stop Work” policy where if anyone sees anything unsafe that causes imminent danger, they have the authority to stop the work operation. This practice is so important because construction operations contain numerous risks that create safety concerns daily, so extra vigilance is required.”

Christine Goins, PE, CCM

Project Delivery Leader, Raleigh

“Being safe means never becoming complacent. To do so, our team begins every field progress meeting with a recap of safety on the job site. If there have been any issues, or situations which could lead to a safety issue, we discuss them and identify resolutions.”

Shane Hayes

Project Administrator, Raleigh

“Being connected is about understanding what is going on with each team member on their current assignments. Communication and personal site visits to spend time with each team member on a regular basis is the best way to stay connected with team members.”

Kathy Poole, PE, CCM

Technical Leader, Washington, DC

“Safety means to that everyone goes home! RK&K sets the example for a high standard of safety at the beginning of the project. We rotate team members offering safety moments at meetings. We share information from RK&K and make sure it filters down to the field staff.”

Thank you to our construction team members for building RK&K’s safety culture!

Learn more about Construction Safety Week and how you can get involved here.

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