Acres of Trees Planted
Project Manager, Natural Resources:

Kate Gordon

The Project

RK&K supported MDOT SHA with development and implementation of their TMDL Tree Planting program with the goal of reducing nutrient loads to the Chesapeake Bay.

Tree planting has been an important strategy for MDOT SHA to meet their NPDES stormwater permit and TMDL requirements. RK&K has developed methodologies for planting site selection, design, and post-construction monitoring. We have coordinated design and advertisement of 13 planting contracts and 8 establishment/maintenance contracts.

RK&K manages and tracks over 2,000 acres of tree planting at over 2,000 sites, ensuring sites are monitored once every three years in compliance with Maryland Department of the Environment requirements.

“A highlight of our role has been working with MDOT SHA to forge partnerships with other organizations to plant trees. We planted 26 acres at Antietam National Battlefield to help NPS recreate historic woodlots that were standing during the battle.”

Kate Gordon, Project Manager, Natural Resources

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