July 26, 2023

RK&K Volunteers in Northern Virginia “Play it Forward” for Pediatric Cancer Patient

Team members from the Fairfax office partnered with Roc Solid Foundation to support 7-year-old battling pediatric cancer.

A sense of unity and compassion filled the air recently, as a group of more than 40 volunteers comprised of RK&K team members from our Fairfax office, their family, and friends created something extraordinary for a special 7-year-old boy battling pediatric cancer.

Armed with tools, smiles, and an eagerness to make a difference, RK&K’s engineers and construction managers partnered with Roc Solid Foundation to sponsor and build a playset for Francisco in Fairfax Station.

Francisco was diagnosed with an aggressive and inoperable tumor. Despite the difficult circumstances, Francisco’s courage and resilience have inspired all those who have come to know his story.

Under Francisco’s careful watch, the playset took shape. Volunteers collaborated with Francisco to ensure every piece was secure and every detail carefully attended to. Despite the summer heat, the collective determination to create something extraordinary for Francisco and his family made the day feel like a breeze.

The completion of the playset was not just the culmination of hours of hard work but a beacon of hope, illuminating Francisco’s path with joy and inspiration. This heartwarming event aimed not only to provide a place for Francisco to play but also to remind him that he is surrounded by a caring and supportive community.

RK&K team members from our Fairfax office brought family and friends to help build a playset for 7-year-old Francisco, a pediatric cancer patient, in Fairfax Station, Virginia.

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