January 15, 2020

Heather Henck and Patrick Hager to Moderate Panels at Maryland Quality Initiative Conference

The Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) Conference started as an initiative to get involved in the quality discussions at the state level to expand and enhance the quality of Maryland’s transportation infrastructure. The conference brings professionals in the transportation engineering industry together to compare notes on a technical scale, make continuous improvements, network, and celebrate quality work.

Heather Henck

Heather Henck – Manager, Traffic – Baltimore, MD

RK&K has participated in the conference for many years, and this year is no different.

Heather Henck, Manager, Traffic at RK&K, is the Co-Chair for the MdQI Safety Subcommittee and will be moderating the session on Pedestrian Safety Treatments and Best Practices on Wednesday, January 22 from 3-4 PM in room 337/338.

Patrick Hager, Director, Utilities at RK&K, will moderate the MDOT Solar Initiative – Alternative Uses of the Right-of-Way Panel at the MdQI Conference at the Baltimore Convention Center on Wednesday, January 22 from 3-4 PM in room 344.

Patrick Hager

Patrick Hager – Director, Utilities – Baltimore, MD

RK&K will also have two teams competing in the conference’s annual Engineering Challenge on January 22 at 4pm, in which teams have 1 ½ hours to build something out of specified materials (e.g. empty coffee cans, fishing line, coat hangers, sand, etc.). The entries are then judged and a winner is announced. RK&K was lucky enough to take home first prize in 2018.

RK&K will also have a booth at the event, so be sure to come say hello and check out our cool giveaways!

For more information on the Maryland Quality Initiative Conference, visit mdqi.org/conference.

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