Our Team Works

Our Team Works

"Teamwork is working together — as one firm."

At the heart of RK&K's success is the high value placed on teamwork and collaboration. Teamwork is important to RK&K's partners and senior leadership and is reflected in the operation of the firm, our projects and our culture. Although RK&K has many offices throughout the eastern United States and Texas, the firm functions as one. We do not have multiple profit centers nor do we encourage "silo" building. Our leaders and their teams do what it takes to achieve a successful project and satisfied client. Whether that means helping out another department or another office in another state, teamwork is the name of our game.

Our "pull together" mentality isn't limited to RK&K employees working on RK&K projects. We have a reputation for developing successful teaming relationships with joint venture partners, subconsultants, design-build contractors, and, of course, our clients!

RK&K Partners

RK&K became a limited liability partnership in 1998 and is presently managed by five equal partners within that limited liability partnership, including:

Thomas E. Mohler, PE

Michael W. Myers, PE

Mark M. Dumler, Esq, CPA

Mimi Kronisch, PE, CCM

Melinda Peters, PE, CCM, DBIA

Partner Emeritus
David W. Wallace, PE

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