Lake Montebello

RK&K provides design and construction management and inspection services to upgrade Baltimore City’s water supply and facilities at Lake Montebello.

Inner Harbor

RK&K provides geotechnical, design, utilities, and transportation planning services for Baltimore City’s “Inner Harbor” redevelopment project.


RK&K provides engineering services for I-70 west of Baltimore City.

John F. Kennedy Highway

RK&K provides engineering services for Northeastern Expressway in northeastern Baltimore County to the Delaware State line. “John F. Kennedy Highway” opens on November 14, 1963 (now part of I-95)


RK&K provides preliminary study for 32-mile I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) expressway. Expressway opens in July 1962.

Southeast Freeway

RK&K provides full-service engineering support to DC Department of Highways to expand the Southeast Freeway (now known as I-695).