Miles of Roadway Improved
Director, Transportation:

Eric Almquist

The Project

RK&K completed a technical noise analysis as part of a multi-alternative NEPA Supplemental environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for improvements to 55 roadway miles along I-64, I-664, I-564 and Route 164 in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We teamed with HMMH to evaluate predicted traffic noise impacts and assess potentially warranted traffic noise abatement measures, and also used GIS resources to identify and quantify noise-sensitive receptor and noise modeling element features.

The traffic noise analysis was performed with optimal efficiency by distributing detailed modeling and analysis along logical project sections and using GIS to communicate results for this for this complex large-scale project in less than six months.

Services Provided

“The seamless coordination between RK&K and HMMH’s noise teams resulted in an efficient and comprehensive technical noise analysis report.”

Eric Almquist, Director, Transportation

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