Senior Project Scientist:

Deborah Poppel

The Project

RK&K was selected as a sub to Michael Baker International, Inc. to provide environmental services for the Bucks County Planning Commission (Pennsylvania). Specifically, Bucks County needed technical support for a planned recreational trail due to substantial landowner opposition to the project. RK&K provided the technical expertise of a Certified Wildlife Biologist/qualified red-bellied turtle surveyor to assess wildlife habitat quality in the vicinity of the proposed trail. RK&K’s biologist prepared a report documenting the types of wildlife habitat present, likelihood of encounters with threatened or endangered species, and made recommendations for habitat-sensitive design elements for the trail. RK&K services also included a Q&A session with the qualified biologist during a virtual stakeholder meeting.

Bucks County Planning Commission
Services Provided

“Connecting people with the natural world through recreational opportunities such as trail access is vitally important. Helping bridge the gap between engineering design, stakeholder concerns, and wildlife habitat is what made this project fun.”

Deborah Poppel, Senior Project Scientist

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