Engineer of Record:

Doug Keller

The Challenge

Through the GIS-integrated Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) modeling performed for the University of North Carolina (UNC) Stormwater Master Planning Study, the Kenan Stadium trunkline system was identified as being significantly undersized for the flows the system was receiving. In addition to capacity deficiencies, CCTV inspection found the existing 42″ pipe under the stadium to be at risk of collapsing from structural defects within five to ten years. Subsequently, the University requested RK&K complete a memo outlining ten improvement options to repair the existing stormwater pipe system. UNC elected to upsize the trunkline beneath the field and tasked RK&K with creating construction drawings.

“Our team leveraged existing survey and planimetric data to efficiently develop plans and meet the fast-track schedule required for graduation to occur on Mother's Day.”

Doug Keller, Engineer of Record

The Solution

RK&K completed construction drawings to replace the pipe on an accelerated schedule and worked with the University to schedule the Kenan Stadium project between the last home football game in December and graduation the following Mother’s Day. Using a U.S. Army Corps of Engineering Nationwide 3 Permit, RK&K provided permitting services and submitted a preconstruction notification for the project. A project manual was created for the improvements as a standalone project. RK&K provided bid assistance services by requesting proposals, coordinating bid meetings, and evaluating bids. Construction inspection services throughout the project were provided by RK&K. Coordination of materials testing, such as soil compaction testing, were administrated through RK&K.

The UNC Stormwater Master Plan SWMM model was verified to ensure new elevations at boundary conditions did not impact the conceptual design. Once the proposed 60″ RCP capacity was confirmed, the design team proceeded with construction documents and permit applications.

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