The Project

For the Rock Creek East One Livability Study, RK&K established a new approach to citizen-driven planning and engineering, the “Flashlight Method,” which illustrates the confluence of GIS data (crashes, bicycle networks, lighting, tree canopy, pedestrian facilities) and geolocated public comments (311 reports, safety challenges, speed challenges, connectivity gaps).

These “reveals” shine a light on areas of need that were further vetted with in-depth traffic analysis, site specific transit access and ADA accommodation recommendations, and safety analysis, resulting in two scales of recommendations: systemwide and site specific. Systemwide network improvements are themed as pedestrian, bicycle, transit, traffic safety, and placemaking improvements. Detailed site-specific conceptual designs were prepared within “reveal” areas, accompanied by performance metrics, cost estimates, and phasing strategies for short-term tactical urbanism treatments and future, more intensive infrastructure investments. From street trees and streetscape elements to bolder recommendations involving converting free right-turn lanes into parklets with café seating, the Rock Creek East One Livability Study sets the stage for creating spaces that celebrate local culture and enhance community pride.

Vibrant. Sustainable. Connected. These goals inspire community leaders to undertake planning processes that establish a shared vision for change and empower citizens to define the future for their community.

District Department of Transportation

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