Project Delivery Leader:

Joe Nice

The Project

RK&K served as the prime ROW consultant providing acquisition and relocation services to VDOT for the construction of express-collector and distributor lanes along I-95 in Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties. Services included real estate appraisal coordination and reviews, title reviews, and negotiation and acquisition services for 11 properties. Of the 11 properties included in this project, 10 were residential, with the remaining property being a tenant leasing a ninetyfoot flag pole and foundation. RK&K successfully negotiated the removal of the controversial flag pole eliminating the need for relocation. The project location is north bound I-95 from Route 17 to north of Truslow Road. Due to the absence of a noise wall being built for the project, the majority of the property owners were not satisfied with the project scope, which created negotiation challenges. RK&K successfully negotiated with each land owner, addressed each owner’s individual concerns, and assessed and valued potential damages. The project was delivered to VDOT on time, allowing the project to successfully meet the original construction schedule. Program support efforts included the following:

Task Initiation

Coordinated with VDOT to obtain the Preliminary Notice of Intent to Acquire Property from the ROW Manager – Special Projects, Northeast Region.

Title Reports

Initiated and completed title research for all parcels. Title reports consisted of 60-year “root” title abstract reports inclusive of all documents and exceptions, chain of title, and complete legal description provided. Information regarding taxes, liens, litigation, easements, leases/assignments, and bankruptcies were also considered in the title report research. A title bring-to-date was provided before settlement.

Real Estate Appraisals/Appraisal Review

Fee appraiser and review appraisers were contracted to prepare independent property valuations and were provided to VDOT for their review and project files and Just Compensation was completed.


Negotiations for all 11 parcels were based upon approved appraisals and our team prepared offer packages in accordance with VDOT manuals.

Settlements/Closing Packages/Title Insurance

Prepared closing packages on all parcels and coordinated all closings, which consisted of all settlement documents or for a certificate to be filed. Our title/settlement staff provided all parcel preliminary title reports (including updates), parcel title binders, and settlement services for each parcel voluntary conveyance. Title services for settlements included closing, title review, document preparation, lien releases, courier, and document recording.

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
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