Project Manager:

Scott Berkheimer

The Project

Federal Hill, a historic park in Baltimore, Maryland which was used as a fort during the Civil War and was mined for sand and clay routinely experiences shallow slumping, signs of minor slides, erosion, and perpetually wet areas along the grassy slopes.

After a period of frequent and heavy rains, a large mass of soil slid as the slope became unstable, blocking the sidewalk at the base of the slope, and undermining and causing the partial collapse of the sidewalk at the top of the slope.

RK&K provided repair recommendations and plans for temporary stabilization of the slope and redirection of stormwater and runoff.

“We were called out to the site on our last day of work before the Christmas holiday break. It was very rewarding to go from an unplanned site visit in the morning to providing emergency repair plans by close of business the same day.”

Scott Berkheimer, Project Manager

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