March 3, 2023

Celebrating Women’s History Month by “Growing Together”

RK&K is proud to celebrate the contributions and achievements of women who shape our industry and society and inspire future generations.

March is recognized as Women’s History Month in the U.S., and RK&K is proud to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women who have shaped both our industry and society throughout the year.

This year also marks the 25th anniversary of Women in Construction Week, celebrated March 5th through March 11th, with International Women’s Day also celebrated on Wednesday, March 8th.

“We celebrate the 26% of the RK&K family of engineers, scientists, planners, and construction managers who are women,” said Senior Project Delivery Leader Jen Trimble, PE, DGE.

According to the latest data from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the industry is experiencing increases in the percentage of women becoming engineers, designers, planners, scientists, and construction managers.

“When I started 30 years ago, I was the only female engineer in the Structures group, and there was something like 10 men. In the 1990s, according to the Society of Women Engineers, I was the industry standard. Fast forward 30 years, and now I’m happy to say 30% of our department has women, and that’s double the industry standard right now,” said Senior Project Delivery Leader Lori Magoon, PE.

“At RK&K we are proving there is no glass ceiling.”Senior Project Delivery Leader Jen Trimble, PE, DGE

RK&K’s Women’s Leadership Forum was started in 2015 to advocate, support, and promote the skill sets of women, by providing an avenue for communication and professional development.

“One of our core beliefs at the forum is that we cannot grow and succeed unless we are helping others in our engineering community as well,” said Trimble, who helps lead the forum.

Women throughout the firm said they appreciate having a support system of other women at all levels of the company ready to help find solutions as they arise.

“We have a ton of talented women company-wide, so there are many women I could reach out to get advice on a situation or just to feel heard. RK&K has a lot of great resources and assets,” said Field Engineer Lucy Travers, EIT, CMIT.

“It really helps to have somebody to go to. To have someone who is, well a partner, and have a conversation, and knowing you can have a conversation with that person who can relate to you is important,” noted Support Analyst Jacintha Quamina.

The group has been recognized with numerous awards from multiple professional organizations for the promotion of women and diversity at the firm.

RK&K’s Women’s Leadership Forum has been honored with awards from multiple professional organizations for the promotion of women and diversity at the firm.

Women at the firm said the ability to grow together, inspire one another, and show they belong not only empowers them but also inspires the next generation of women in the industry.

“I have two young daughters. They see me every day getting my hard hat, my safety vest, and my boots. They’re very aware of what I do, and I love to share what I do with them as well,” said Inspector Lucia De La Paz, CCR.

“I would tell any woman who is wanting to come into the construction management field that they can do it and do it well,” Inspector Trainee Jessica Matthews noted.

“You’re going to have tough moments but years down the road you’ll use those moments to teach people that collaborate with you. Those are the moments you’ll remember,” said Technical Leader Kathy Poole PE, CCM

“At RK&K we are proving there is no glass ceiling,” said Trimble.

RK&K is committed to ensuring an environment free of discrimination and racial bias that welcomes, respects, develops, and leverages our individual differences. Learn more about our commitment to DEIB.

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