Program Manager:

Mike Gaffney

The Project

RK&K, in Joint Venture, is delivering numerous interceptor system improvement projects needed to divert influent flows from the Chesapeake-Elizabeth Wastewater Treatment Plant (CETP) to other treatment facilities throughout the region. Projects include interceptor force main upgrades, pump station improvements, capacity and reliability upgrades at one pressure reducing station (PRS), reliability upgrades to five PRSs, one new PRS and two off-line storage facilities.

All improvements must be fully constructed and operational by the end of 2021 when the CETP will be taken off line. Improvements will be implemented through a range of delivery methods, including CMAR, DB and DBB.

“After 13-years of service and commitment to HRSD, we are honored to once again partner with HRSD to deliver this very important infrastructure improvement program using both conventional and alternative delivery methods.”

Mike Gaffney, Program Manager

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