Project Manager:

Erron Ramsey

The Project

RK&K completed NEPA environmental documents for the Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge Improvements project in Newburg, MD.

Our responsibilities included environmental activities during the planning and preliminary engineering phases, including evaluation of effects to resources, preparation of a NEPA EA and FONSI, analyses of impacts to historic and park properties, preparation of a Draft and Final Section 4(f) Evaluation, coordination of a Phase 1 Hazardous Materials Environmental Site Survey, Section 7 consultation with the National Marine Fisheries Service, preparation of a draft compensatory wetland mitigation plan, development of a Section 106 Programmatic Agreement and environmental permit coordination strategy, and public involvement.

“We successfully navigated the complex environmental issues on both shores of the Potomac River, as well as the extensive agency coordination and negotiations that were required with local, state and federal agencies.”

Erron Ramsey, Project Manager

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