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The Langley Park section of northern Prince George’s County, MD is a diverse community with a variety of housing types bisected by an aging retail shopping corridor and the upcoming Purple Line light-rail line. Community members had expressed concerns to the Prince George’s County Planning Department about challenges they experience finding on-street parking near their homes.

RK&K prepared an online survey to tabulate the public’s observations and concerns. We performed field investigations and used satellite imagery to tally the total number of on-street and off-street parking spaces in each of 14 distinct residential neighborhoods and 15 commercial zones. We performed field reconnaissance using car-mounted video cameras to record the number of parked vehicles along every street and private parking lot within the residential areas and commercial zones during multiple weekday and weekend time periods.

The parking data from the video recordings were tabulated and compared to the total number of parking spaces to determine how parking space availability varies by day of week, time of day, lot-by-lot, and street-by-street. Once the parking demand hot spots were determined, RK&K reviewed existing parking regulations in the study area and adjacent jurisdictions, and considered the effects of ongoing redevelopment plans, to prepare an Action Plan that our client could implement to address the observed parking issues. RK&K presented our findings to the client and elected officials.

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