May 8, 2023

“I Still Can’t Believe I’ve Been Here for 50 Years.” – Fred Schutte and Ernie Disney Celebrate 50 Years at RK&K

The pair were honored for their half century of excellence and commitment to putting RK&K’s best foot forward.

A packed audience in RK&K’s Baltimore offices celebrated the 50-year anniversaries of Project Designers Ernie Disney and Fred Schutte.

Both were heralded for their exceptional work spanning half of RK&K’s history. Colleagues and leaders at the firm shared multiple stories showcasing Ernie and Fred’s technical strength, collaborative nature, and how their kind attitude continues to be an example for others to emulate.

They both started at RK&K on May 29th, 1973. To commemorate the honor, they received a rare buffalo statue.

“I felt like whatever I do, I’m reflecting everything that RK&K is, and it’s important to set an example,” Schutte said. “Reputation is very important for a firm like RK&K. I really appreciate being here and being with everyone. I still can’t believe I’ve been here for 50 years.”

The pair shared memories of an era gone by, using slide rulers and pencils for projects. Then adapting as technology evolved. They noted while the world changed around them, there remained a constant.

“Technology may change… projects may change, but what doesn’t change is the people. You can count on everyone here,” Disney added.

“A kind attitude. That’s what you should take away from both gentlemen,” said Senior Project Delivery Leader Elford Jackson, PE. “They always wanted to teach their art. It truly was an artform. To get that exposure, rub some elbows with them to really show you what the RK&K way is. To put our best quality, our best foot forward. It was their drawings that was the proof of that. These two gentlemen always exhibited that.”

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