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Through audio/visual technology, content management software, eye-catching imagery, and the right messaging, your ideas can be presented to a bigger audience in innovative ways.

Public Engagement

Public engagement is an integral component of improving community health and livability and gathering feedback at various stages of the planning and design process. RK&K’s public engagement process employs a multi-faceted approach to garner support from the public, staff, advocacy groups, county wide organizations, and elected officials.

RK&K has the technical capabilities to accommodate virtual meetings and to employ effective participatory techniques, interactive website activities such as mapping and polling, and social media outreach platforms.

Additional tactics and tools may include:

  • In-Person Public Workshops
  • Virtual Public Workshops
  • Project Websites & Online Surveys
  • Public Input Maps
  • Videography, Photography, & Video Production
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Graphic Design & Print Production
  • Charrettes & Intercept Surveys
  • Weekend Walks & Youth Engagement
  • Presentations & Webinars

For tasks that involve Public Engagement, RK&K coordinates with clients to craft a public participation plan that best suits the project and the community and to develop clear, intuitive, and captivating graphic materials for the different outreach milestones.

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