December 17, 2020

Danielle Hankins Named WTS International Baltimore’s Member of the Year

Danielle Hankins | Baltimore, MD

Danielle Hankins, Baltimore water resources and environment project manager, was named Member of the Year by the Baltimore Chapter of WTS International, an organization founded in 1977 to advance the role of women in the transportation industry.

The Member of the Year award is given to somebody who has contributed to the success and growth of WTS International by promoting their reputation throughout the industry and working effectively to strengthen communication between local and international WTS levels or between chapters.

“Danielle has made a measurable impact as a passionate advocate for all women in transportation,” states her award write-up. “Danielle’s leadership and efforts to support the advancement of women start with herself as the example. She has grown in position and reputation in her 17 years in the transportation industry. She has a cheerful attitude, a calm presence, and a can-do attitude. She has been a rock of stability as our team has grown rapidly.”

Danielle has been a member of WTS for more than 10 years. She currently serves as the Baltimore Chapter’s Secretary and will be the Treasurer in January. She has been a part of RK&K for over 17 years as a project manager.

“My experience with WTS, mentoring, and participating on the Board has been a fulfilling journey,” Danielle said.

For more information on the Baltimore Chapter of WTS International and a full list of award recipients, visit

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