January 30, 2020

Professional Profile: Bill Snyder, Director, Energy & Corrosion

By RK&K Team Members

Recently, Bill Snyder was promoted to Director, Energy & Corrosion, in our Charlotte office. In this article, he shares his professional background and areas of expertise, and responds to a few questions that provide a deeper understanding of his career and approach to his profession.

Bill Snyder – Director, Energy & Corrosion – Charlotte, NC

What are your new duties?

I’ll continue to build RK&K’s presence within the energy and corrosion market throughout the United States. This won’t be just out of the Charlotte office, but also making sure the Energy & Corrosion groups in other offices have the tools and resources needed grow as well.

How did you get into this field?

While I started out in environmental engineering, my career path led me from regulatory and remediation work to Duke Energy in the fast paced (pre-Enron) energy sector. Post-Enron I transitioned to RK&K’s Natural Gas group and have continued to grow with the company in what is now the Energy & Corrosion group.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy helping our clients when they reach out for solutions to complex problems. It’s satisfying knowing that our clients have the confidence to make us their first call when faced with a difficult problem.

What are the traits that make RK&K a special place to work?

The sense of inclusiveness, teamwork and integrity make RK&K standout. The RK&K family is the opposite of corporate structures I have worked in. The wellbeing of staff is important, and you can be sure everyone is working in the best interest of the company and the client.

If you could tell someone new to the field one thing what would it be?

Try to be involved in as many aspects of a project as you feel comfortable. Learning new things will help with your growth as an engineer and keep things interesting. You may also find yourself going in a different direction from where you thought you were headed.

If you could tell someone new to RK&K one thing about the business that you wish you knew, or you otherwise feel is important what would it be?

Ask questions and take advantage of the different skill sets and disciplines available at RK&K. You may think you’re facing a new problem or design challenge, but more than likely someone at RK&K has encountered it before. If not in your immediate group, then someone in one of the other offices.

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